HELLO! I’m Mauricio Camarero Rodríguez, architect.

I manage ARQON Studio, an architecture studio where building projects, landscaping, reports and certificates are developed, among other things For you, you are the most important thing. We are aware of your concerns in a field that, normally, you do not master. That is why we put all our potential at your service so that you achieve your goals with security, guarantee and savings. No surprises We design the project to your needs with the goal that you feel happy from the moment we start until the end. We advise you and we will save you a lot of money along the way. You will see that, thanks to our contribution, achieving your goals will be a simple and satisfactory process.

Our reason for being    

CONNECTION: Understanding the needs of the people who entrust us with a job is essential to achieve the expected results.

PASSION: We love our work and we firmly believe that this is the only way to achieve excellence. That is the key, the passion.

RESPONSIBILITY: We are fully aware of the importance of our work for the client, their life plans, their economic investments …. and that for us is sacred.

TRAINING: We are a team of highly trained professionals who are constantly learning to offer our clients the optimal solution to their demand.

COORDINATION: We are very clear that one of our most important functions is to coordinate the different agents that intervene in the construction process of a building. For this, we are in permanent contact with all of them to develop the work correctly and in the established time.  

These values ​​make our work of the highest quality giving our customers peace of mind, confidence and savings.




The team of ARQON Studio is formed by a group of young technicians although with more than 15 years of experience, directed by Mauricio Camarero Rodríguez.


Mauricio Camarero Rodríguez


Juan Alejandro Melguizo Rodríguez


Germán Moreno Ballesteros

Technical industrial engineer

Jose David Reina González

Technical architect

Saúl Meral Bernal

Architect Landscaper Studio 3



M. Inmaculada Caballero Guzmán